Atti’s First Halloween

A lot of people wonder where we came up with the name Atticus. If they’re not familiar with To Kill A Mockingbird, they always think it’s the name of a gladiator. In fact, a lot of the nurses at the NICU called him Baby Spartacus. It only seemed appropriate considering what a tough little kid he is.

So when it was time to come up with his Halloween costume, the choice seemed obvious.
Baby Spartacus

Here’s how I did it:

The first piece is a toga. I just cut a rectangle big enough to cover his back and his front, and then I sewed up the sides, leaving the top 3″ or so unsewn to make armholes. Then I cut a hole for his head. I didn’t bother hemming anything because I figured a gladiator was supposed to look ragged.

Then there’s the breastplate and shield. These two pieces are created in the same way. Cut two pieces of gold fabric to size. For the breastplate I cut a big rectangle that would cover his front and his back, and for the shield I traced a circle. I wanted the shield to strap to his arm, so I sewed a rectangle of fabric on to one of the circles before sewing them together, then I just laid them right sides together and sewed around, leaving a hole for turning. On the breastplate I wanted ties, so I put those between the layers before sewing, and I sewed all the way around and then cut a headhole to turn it right side out.

Once the pieces were right side out, I stuffed them with a layer of batting, and then sewed around the outside to close everything up. For the shield I added another layer of topstitching 1/4″ further in, and for the breastplate I topstitched little pecs and abs.

The spike on the shield was a little bit tricky. I basically just eyeballed it. I cut another circle the same size as the shield, and then I cut it into quarters. I took one of the quarters, lined up the straight edges and sewed it up. Then I stuffed it and used hot glue to fold the edges over and stick it to the shield. I followed it up with a few stitches in place just to make it look nice and make sure it wouldn’t go anywhere.

Then it’s just the laural wreath. I cut a piece of elastic to fit Atti’s head and sewed the edges together. I got some nice wool felt and cut a million and a half teardrop shapes out of them, and then hot glued them all on the elastic.

Little Gladiator

The whole costume took me maybe three hours, and since the gold fabric was all left over from another halloween costume, cost me maybe 3$. We’re planning on taking him trick or treating with his cousins this year. We really wanted to show him off, but felt like it would be a pretty blatant plea for candy if we took a baby around all by ourselves. With a couple other kids I think we can get away with it and still end up with enough candy to rot all our teeth.