Baby Clothes for little babies

Vests for Preemies

Vests for Preemies

It’s taken me forever to try to figure out how to post this simple little pattern. Once I scanned it in I had to try to trace it in Photoshop, and that proved to max out my meager computer skills. But I think I’ve finally managed to get it done. I think. Click the links below to find out if I accomplished it.

Large Vest

Small Vest

These vests are used for NICU babies who are attached to too many wires to wear regular baby clothes. If a baby has an IV, they can’t get their little arms into sleeves. If they have a shunt or other head issues, they can’t get their little bean through a neck. And if anything starts to go wrong, you can’t get a baby out of those clothes fast enough to save them.

Experts agree that babies should wear a little something. These vests won’t keep them warm on their own, but every little bit helps. It’s much more for the comfort of the parents and a reminder for the staff. This covers up a lot of the wires and scary parts and makes the baby look more like a little baby. Books I read said that these helped his caregivers to treat the babies like little humans instead of a series of tasks to be performed, and encourage the parents to bond with their babies which can be difficult to do when looking at a red wrinkly thing covered in wires and encased in a plastic box.

Construction is incredibly simple. Cut two of the pattern pieces, on a fold. Unfold both pieces and line them up right sides together. Stitch the pieces together with a 1/4″ seam allowance, leaving a small gap at the bottom and turn right side out. Iron the piece flat, and then topstitch the piece as close the the edge as you can. Finish by stitching squares of velcro where indicated on the pattern so that you create an arm and a vest closure.

Notice how the velcro is attached? One side of it is attached to the front fabric, and the other side is attached to the back fabric. You don’t want to figure that one out the hard way.